Life Member

Life Member (Sponsor Amount $1001)

Any member who contributes $1,001 will become a Life member. The contribution must be paid within one (1) years after becoming a member and will receive or eligible for the following:

(a) 2 Pujas (Archana / Vratham) will be performed at the temple on a special occasion for initial three years.

(b) Will be eligible for two (2) votes.

In case of death of a spouse the surviving spouse shall retain one vote. In case of separation or divorce between the couple, each of the individual shall retain one separate vote.

**The published sponsorship amount and details are based on the By-laws approved by the Board Members in June 2016 and may be subject to change.**

Life Member names (Husband & Wife) will be scripted on the wall, inside the temple.   You can pay the sponsorship amount using your bank account and/or credit card. 

Shirdi Sai of Delaware, Inc., is a registered non-profit organization under 501 (c) (3) and all your donations are fully tax deductible.  Our federal tax identification number is 47-4507526